CX15 Coaxial Three Way Loudspeaker
Sensitivity 99 db/1W/1m
Power rating 600W Continuous
Frequency response 30Hz-35Khz
Configuration Three way proprietarily tuned reflex port
Loudspeakers One coaxial unit (15” Woofer + 3” Compression Midrange Driver) and one Bullet Horn Tweeter
Cabinet Variable thickness compound walls, internally braced. Wall thickness from 40 to 70 mm
Cabling Copper Litz
Crossover Three way, tri-amp, No resistors used, Transformer variable attenuators for Mid range and Tweeter
Dimensions (cm) 50W x 59D x 133H
Cantico Loudspeakers - - P.IVA 01942590025 - C.F. RCCSLV72B19A859O - R.E.A. BI-174405