Coaxial Drive Unit

In a coaxial drive unit you have a mid-hi driver inserted directly in the center of a bass driver. Several implementations of this technology has been seen in the past with passive and active tweeters, dual or triple driver structure, with really coincident sources or with tweeter simply mounted ahead of the woofer. We used the most complex, but the most performing system.

Our driver features a true compression unit for the highs whose magnet structure stays behind the woofer's one, the throat passes through the woofer central pole piece an then flares following the cone's exponential profile to get a perfect horn loading from about 1000Hz and up.

This is a rather complex system, particularly when dealing with big and powerful magnetic system such as ours, but it leads us to the highest results, with grat speed, accuracy and effficiency in a rather compact "package".

We needed a very fastly responding woofer. We got it by the use of very stiff but light cones up to three times lighter than the others and very powerful magnets that gave us a very high Force Factor (BxL > 25 Txm) several times higher than that of other high end bass drivers today in use.

Transmission line

We had two goals: extended bass response but no booms or resonances (i.e. no bass reflex), maximum articulation and speed.. all this from an 8 inch woofer.

Not easy… impossible task with all the canonical systems. So we re-thinked TQWT we have a 1/4 wavelength transmission line, still reasonably compact.

The counterpart is that a standard TQWT has a very irregular response whose harmonics extend far in the midrange and we could not accept neither of those limitation.

So we pushed away from the standard shape of the TQWT reducing the need for internal stuffing and so increasing the line efficiency while reducing midrange output and placed a second drive unit in order to smoothen the response and reinforce the lowest end.

Dimension, tapering and driver placements are very critical factors and have been achieved in years of simulations and measurements.

The result is a very fast and articulated bass range which pushes toward 35 Hz in room measurements.

Coaxial Transmission Line Loudspeaker
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