Cx8 Coaxial Transmission line Loudspeaker
A modern implementation of an old concept in Audio reproduction.

Coaxial point source, phase coherence, high dynamics, wide frequency range.

Beautiful real wood finishes handcrafted by expert Italian woodworkers, blends harmonically with any decor in your listening room.

Tough internal bracing and high thickness 30mm. selected MDF boards are used for the cabinet structure construction.

High End cabling and components througout: great care has been taken in every detail.

Every single component and material is selected to be Made in Italy and carefully hand inspected before assembly.

Every pair of loudspeaker is hand assembled by one expert person wich follows his "creature" from woodworking to final testing.
Cantico Loudspeakers - - P.IVA 01942590025 - C.F. RCCSLV72B19A859O - R.E.A. BI-174405