Basic Loudspeaker Cable
Conductor High puritiy OFC Copper
Geometry 12 single multi-strand conductors wound in pairs, auto screening design.
No dynamic killing screens used.
RFI Immunity special Ferromagnetic core designed not to interfere with music signal and provide the strongest rejection of Radio Frequency Interference.
Must be placed on the loudspeaker side of the cable.
Termination GHT spade to provide the widest contact surface, lowest contact resistance with the most thin cross section to avoid magnetical distorsion of the signal and take advantage of skin effect.
Soldering all soldering operations are conducted with a hig temperature crucible and hi silver content solder.
Cantico Loudspeakers - - P.IVA 01942590025 - C.F. RCCSLV72B19A859O - R.E.A. BI-174405