Basic Loudspeaker Cable
The Basic Loudspeaker Cable has been designed to provide an effective way to correctly transfer the electrical signal from the amplification stage to our Loudspeakers.
Being our reference cable for years of internal use, we decided to offer such aproven design to our customers.

Everything from conductor materials and geometry, dielectric, termination, RFI Immunization Technology and even the use of Creaktiv System Technology has been carefully evaluated to provide a satisfying listening experience.

Music comes first, and respecting music means respecting timbres, dynamics and soundstaging.
No special effects here, just plain flowing musical bliss.

Enjoy our cables to drive Cantico Loudspeakers or use them to get a taste of Cantico in your system, it will be a straight step toward High Fidelity.
Cantico Loudspeakers - - P.IVA 01942590025 - C.F. RCCSLV72B19A859O - R.E.A. BI-174405