Cx8 Monitor Instant Classic
Fitting our technology in a small form factor cabinet is no easy task by itself.
Maintaining the liveliness, dynamics, detail of our signature sound with a frequency response achievable only with larger systems could make believe that the result is unattainable.

By carefully designing a totally new version of our Coaxial Loudspeaker we have been able to attain this and more.

Overwhelming dynamics, majestic soundstaging... a Loudspeaker that runs in a class of his own.

A special selection of Italian Cherry Wood gives our cabinetry that distinguishing timeless charm, enhanced by the artisanal care of the master woodworkers.

Dual layer sidewall construction is taken directly from our flagship CX 15 Loudspeaker, MDF and Wood layers, interlocked by means of special screws and High Technology adhesives assure total vibration control without sound coloration.

As usual every single component and material is Made in Italy and carefully hand inspected before assembly.

Cabling and binding post for this model are from Cardas USA and benefit from their renowned Litz technology.

Entirely Hand Built in Italy.
NEO version available featuring:
- Neodymium magnet hand matched drivers
- Mundorf Supreme crossover components
- Stainless steel mounting hardware
- Copper Cardas Binding Posts
- Creaktiv Systems electro-smog reduction system built in.
Cantico Loudspeakers - - P.IVA 01942590025 - C.F. RCCSLV72B19A859O - R.E.A. BI-174405